Alyssa – Hero of the Month

Name: Alyssa
Age: 4
State: Fort Myers, FL
Facility: The Children’s Hospital of SW Florida

Hero of the Month Girl

Alyssa is 4-years-old and came to the hospital with leg/hip pain; she ended up being admitted due to an infection. She had to be taken to MRI two times, one under anesthesia; she had to undergo many pokes for new IVs and lab work, and is getting a central line placed in a couple of days. Due to Alyssa’s infection, she is on isolation precautions and therefore has to stay in her room.

Unfortunately this isn’t Alyssa’s first admission to the hospital. Two months ago, Alyssa was hit and dragged a few feet by a car at her daycare. Her injuries included two skull fractures and 3rd degree burns on her left foot and had to endure many painful procedures during her admission. It is very likely that these two admissions are directly related.

For these reasons and more, Alyssa deserves to be “Hero of the Month”. She has endured much pain and discomfort, and still continues to enjoy meeting new volunteers and playing doctor.

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