Alexander – Hero of the Month

Name: Alexander
Age: 7
State: Roseville, CA
Facility: Kaiser Permanente

Hero of the Month Boy

Alexander is a sweet, sensitive 7-year-old boy. He loves to play Nintendo DS, ride his Razor scooter, and play with his friends. One day, he was bouncing on the bed in his mother’s room, like most kids do. His mother was with him, but she had just broken her foot and had bent over to fix her “boot”. Unfortunately, the bed was pushed up against the wall and he bounced right out of the window. There was a screen, but it couldn’t hold his weight. When his mother sat up, Alexander was nowhere to be found. She saw the open window, screen missing and ran over only to see him lying on the concrete. They live on the second floor and he had landed head first.

The ambulance came and he was found to have a closed head injury with a skull fracture, sinus fracture, and multiple nasal fractures. When he arrived at the hospital, they did emergency surgery and were able to fix all of his broken bones at once. He ended up with 2 plates in his head, a plate in his nose, and stitches that stretched from one side of his head to the other. He was on life support from the time that he entered the hospital, until 6/21, when the doctors were able to extubate him. It took a while for him to start talking again due to the sore throat, but he was motivated to try. Although starting to talk, he wasn’t able to open his eyes until the next day due to swelling.

Through all of this, Alexander had remembered that his dad’s birthday was coming up. (It was actually the day after the accident, but he doesn’t remember.) One of the first things out of his mouth was that he wanted to take his dad to Legoland to celebrate since it was their annual trip. Dad laughed as he told the story, stating that he was planning on taking his son to Legoland, but his son saw it as the other way around.

Weeks later, Alexander was in a wagon, shooting hoops in the playroom and trying to walk with his family at his side. He still tires easily, but that is to be expected. He has not let the pain get in the way of rehab or going home. In fact, he made so much progress that he may be able to go home soon.

Kaiser Permanente is excited to nominate Alexander as their Hero of the Month!

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