A New Outlook

As I get older my priorities change. That is probably the case with most people. Experiences in life, both good and bad, tend to alter the perceptions we have of the world. Since working at Kids Wish Network, my perception has been changed for the good.

I have always been a fairly positive person. I make a point to find the good in every situation, even if I have to dig deep to find it. Not that I have experienced an abundance of negative situations in my life; I’ve led a relatively sheltered, normal 24 years. And, because of that, it used to be that life’s everyday bumps and bruises would send me in a tailspin.

This is no longer the case.

I’ve been at Kids Wish Network for over a year and my eyes have been opened to what real worry and stress is. Some of our kids go through trials that no one – especially a small child – should endure. I listen to their parents’ quiet pleas for some help, any help. Some are optimistic, putting their faith in higher powers, and others are desperate for a reprieve from their situation.

I do not have any kids, so for me to say I can relate to or that I understand what they are going through would be nonsensical. I don’t know how they feel and I can’t even begin to imagine how hard things are.

But what I can relate to is the happiness they feel when they find out their child is getting his or her wish.

Granting wishes to these children is one of our main goals here at Kids Wish Network. We don’t do it just because it is our job. We do it because we genuinely enjoy seeing the smile on the face of a child who previously had tears in his or her eyes. We do it because it is rewarding for us to know that we helped brighten the life of a child in crisis, even if only for a moment.

My job in granting the wishes of children at Kids Wish Network is minimal: but I still play a part. Rather than worrying about the small snags in life, I now focus on the huge blessings I have been given and think of ways I can use them to better someone’s life.

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