Steven’s Slammin’ Wish

Name: Steven
Age: 15
State: CA

Kobe Bryant wish

At the start of the year, Steven came down with a sinus infection. As he thought it was just an average cold, Steven thought nothing of it until he suddenly collapsed one day and had to be taken to the hospital.

Doctors found out that Steven had experienced a stroke and was suffering from severe meningitis. Once in the hospital, Steven began having seizures and lost the use of his left side. He was in ICU for a week and continued having seizures. Steven was given a 50 percent chance to live, but he miraculously made it through. Now Steven is almost as good as he was before his brush with death, except that he remains weakened and he must be monitored for signs of a recurrence.

His wish was to meet Kobe Bryant and, according to Steven’s mom, the meet and greet with his favorite basketball star was exciting for Steven, even though he was a little nervous. “However, when Kobe walked in greeted Steven with a hug, it was all different…It was like meeting an old friend. He was so kind, sweet and has such a great personality. He also brought his youngest daughter which made it even more comfortable and family feeling…Kobe was awesome, kind, friendly and such a great mentor!”

During the meeting, Kobe and Steven talked about playing through injuries and Kobe even signed their game tickets, a few cards, and a Lakers basketball for the star-struck teen. In return, Steven presented Kobe with a baseball cap from his high school, which he put directly on his head.

For Steven, it was the perfect wish.

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