I Met Lightning McQueen!

Name: Brett
Age: 7
State: KS

Wish Kid

Brett is a caring, smart 7-year-old who loves the Disney movie “Cars.” He absolutely adores the main character, Lightning McQueen, and he likes playing with his toys. Brett loves to make people laugh and he is very aware of what goes on around him. He has two dogs and one rabbit that he enjoys spending time with.

Brett suffers from various medical conditions. For the first year of his life doctors had a hard time discovering what was wrong with Brett. He was sick all the time with varying conditions including heart problems, trouble breathing, gaining weight and bouts of pneumonia. After a series of tests and several biopsies Brett was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disorder, an illness that results in the failure of Mitochondria in the body damaging cells of the brain, heart, liver, skeletal muscles, kidney and the endocrine and respiratory systems. On top of this life-threatening condition, Brett also struggles with Optic Nerve Dysplasia, Hypertonia, Hypoglycemia and Sleep Apnea. Brett has undergone many surgeries in his short life and will have to have more procedures done in the future.

Since Brett is such a huge fan of “Cars” and Lightning McQueen it only took one second for him to announce that for his wish he wanted to see the characters in person. In Orlando, Florida, at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, Brett finally met his favorite cars and he had a wonderful time to boot!

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