A Little Ditty About Kids Wish Network

Kids Wish Network is the place,
where you will see a friendly face.
Every morning you walk in,
D. will greet you with a grin.
Down the hall just a few steps,
Alicia is seated at her desk.
If someone calls who only speaks Spanish,
Alicia can take it, so please don’t panic.
Kathleen is the bearer of various treats,
for a small price they are yours to eat.
If a binder, or notebook, or pencil you lack,
Kathy is the woman who can remedy that.
And don’t be afraid if your computer is iffy,
Tam will have it fixed in a jiffy.
Shelley and Karma aren’t hard to find,
if you see Shelley, Karma is close behind.
Round the corner a few lovely ladies you’ll see,
Anna, Megan, Donna, Doris, Robie, Lisa and Penny.
Working together to raise enough cash,
to ensure our wish kids all have a blast.
A few inches more and you’ll meet Jill,
her wish granting services give our children a thrill.
Just nearby are Jen and Carrie,
the wishes they create make our wish kids oh so merry.
Madeline, oh Madeline, she can do it all,
and it usually takes her only one call.
Susan and Margo run the Hero show,
creating memories for children who would have otherwise been told ‘no.’
And if you have a story to tell,
Alicia, our editor, can write it quite well.
If you dare to enter the cave of doom,
you will find Israel seated in the above mentioned room.
He fixes the website and does all the graphics,
give him a project and he’ll have at it.
Ashley, Heather and Barbara alike,
get tons of toys donated for thousands of tykes.
With the help of Mike, Audrea, Mike and Tim,
once fearful and scared children will be smiling again.
And then there’s me, I make a lot of calls.
trying to find the children who need us most of all.
Together we work hard to make dreams come true,
grateful to be able to do what we do.
Brightening a child’s life who has experienced lots of hurt,
Is just a day in the life of an employee at Kids Wish Network.

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