A Dream Come True

I recently interviewed a mom of one of our wish kids for a press release. Her daughter, Julia, was granted a wish through Kids Wish Network to visit the various theme parks in the lovely Sunshine State.

Julia suffers from a wide-range of medical issues caused by her premature birth. Before she had even been alive for more than a handful of days, doctors told her mother to make final arrangements for her baby. But Julia had other things in mind and proved the doctors wrong.

Although she is non-verbal and wheelchair bound, Julia is a happy and loving child. She uses a communication device to express what she needs or wants, and the day she confirmed her Kids Wish Network wish to travel to Disney, was an exciting day indeed.

Julia’s mother was so thankful and grateful for Kids Wish Network and what the charity was able to do for her daughter. She said so many wonderful things about the wish trip, but one thing in particular stood out to me.

Since Julia is non-verbal, she doesn’t express her happiness like a child who is able to talk does. But when she is happy, there is no mistaking it. During a special dinner on her wish trip (the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure) Julia was so happy that she was vocalizing her joy! Her mother said she was cooing and making all kinds of noises that she never makes. How amazing is that?!

I am so happy to hear that Julia has an amazing time on her wish. Being able to help a child in crisis is one of the best feelings in the world. And being able to make a child’s dream come true is something that will stay with me forever.

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