Wushuang – Hero of the Month

Name: Wushuang
Age: 13
State: Cincinnati, OH
Facility: Wushuang Hospitals for Children

Wushuang Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

Wushuang is an extraordinary young woman who has traveled a long road since she was burned. She was burned in a house fire in early 2008 in China. Her mother died as a result of her burns and Wushuang was hospitalized for a lengthy period of time in China. After an extended stay, a local host agency learned about her and brought her to the United States for further treatment and rehabilitation. Not only did she not know the English language, Wushuang had an excessive amount of reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation to endure. She was extremely determined to regain her independence and was very motivated to work with staff to meet these needs, as well as learning English every chance she could. She attached to certain staff members and peers and really begun to blossom during her stay. Wushuang was here for many months and had a few different host families while she was here. Since her initial visit, she has returned home to China for a short time to visit with her father and extended family. She has now returned back to the US for continued treatment and further surgeries. We think Wushuang has an incredible spirit and is always ready to laugh and enjoy her life. We think she is our Hero!

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