Princess Kayla’s Wish-Come-True

Name: Kayla
Age: 6
State: CA

Wish Kid

In 2008, Kayla was diagnosed with having acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which is a cancer of the white blood cells. In fact, she was diagnosed just two days apart from her father, who was diagnosed with having Hodgkin’s lymphoma, another type of cancer.

When they both started their chemotherapy, Kayla and her father shaved their heads together to deal with the hair loss and they had their ports surgically inserted at the same time. The most difficult ordeal that Kayla has to endure during her chemo treatments are the spinal taps that she has to have every three months to see if the cancer has spread to her central nervous system. Kayla is now homeschooled and is on a strict daily medication regimen for her condition.

On her wish to visit the Florida theme parks, Kayla truly loved meeting the Disney princesses, especially Belle and Sleeping Beauty. She even wore the same crown as Sleeping Beauty and that made her really excited. In fact, her mom said that Kayla was practically shaking she was so excited!

When Kayla and her family returned home, not only did she have great memories and pictures to enjoy, she also had a gift box sent from her wish coordinator! Inside the box were all sorts of games and toys and activities for both Kayla and her little brother James to enjoy! All in all, it was a complete wish-come-true for one little princess and her family!

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