Orlando visits Orlando!

Name: Orlando
Age: 5
State: CA

Wish Kid

When Orlando was just three-months-old, he was diagnosed with having hydrocephalus – a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the skull – caused by a hemorrhage which was blocking the flow of blood to his brain. Doctors implanted a shunt in the infant’s head to drain the fluid, but, unfortunately, it was placed incorrectly and had to be revised through yet another surgery. Orlando’s hydrocephalus later caused cerebral palsy, a condition that blocks the brain’s messages to the body’s muscles.

For his wish he wanted to visit the theme parks in Orlando, Florida; he visited Universal Studios, SeaWorld, the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

According to little Orlando, he loved seeing Spiderman jump at Universal Studios. However, as much as he enjoyed meeting his favorite superhero, Orlando’s mother noticed where her little boy’s smile was the biggest: “Out of everything, I think he enjoyed SeaWorld the best.” There, Orlando and Mercedes had a blast playing in the waterpark and coming face-to-face with some of Orlando’s favorite animals: penguins!

The parks were fantastic, the dinners were amazing and the accommodations were outstanding; Orlando and his family enjoyed the perfect wish trip and, now that the family is home, Orlando still thinks fondly about his wish. In fact, he proclaimed proudly that he was “going to dream about it tonight!”

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