Maya – Hero of the Month

Name: Maya
Age: 11
State: Flint, MI
Facility:Hurley Medical Center

Hero of the Month Girl

Maya has been a patient at the Hurley Sickle Cell clinic for 11 years. Throughout her treatment she has proven herself worthy to be considered a Hero.

Despite the difficulties that may come along with Maya’s illness, she has always managed to push through it while keeping a smile on her face. This illness has not gotten the best of her. Maya has always done well in school and continues to excel ion her studies. In her spare time she likes to play the violin. She goes beyond what is expected of her as a student.

Maya knows about her illness and takes care of herself to the best of her ability. She does everything that she is supposed to from a patient stand point. She even takes her medications as prescribed. Recently she underwent a surgical procedure. Despite being afraid of needles and scared of the surgery itself, Maya faced it head on. She through her surgery and recovered very well.

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