Keeping up with the Kids Wish Networkdashians!

I haven’t written a blog in a minute. So I thought I would grace the World Wide Web with my presence, and fill the world in on what’s been happening in the Kids Wish Network wish department.

  • Carrie, our new wish coordinator, has been doing a great job. She has already been assigned around 10 kids and has been plugging away getting their wishes confirmed and setting dates.
  • Jill, our wish coordinator and team leader, has been keeping busy. She just got back from a John Cena wish, and will be on the road again next week traveling to Los Angeles for a Suite Life on Deck wish.
  • Madeline has been running a tight ship, as usual. I happened to be in her office looking at some stuff on her computer when her reminder window popped up: 22 reminders! God speed, Madeline. God speed.
  • Israel, as usual, has been keeping the website updated, and when I get done with this blog, he will post it on our website.
  • Margo and Susan have been keeping tabs on their Hero of the Month kids, as well as helping me with an ongoing project we are working on.
  • Alicia has been writing away! I know she has been busy this week with various writing and editing assignments and has also been trying to catch up on entering surveys.
  • Jen has been on the phone a lot, doing the daily tasks of a wish coordinator. The few times that I myself overheard her calls, she spoke with a van rental company, a hotel, an airline, and about five or so wish families. I would have to take some serious notes. But she does a great job of keeping track of all her kids.

As for me, I’ve been doing the usual: referrals, writing, getting applications straight, contacting families and working on some side projects. It’s all in a days work at Kids Wish Network. I’ll keep you updated on all our goings on!

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