Jazmen – Hero of the Month

Name: Jazmen
Age: 3
State: Springfield, MO
Facility: Cox Health Systems

Jazmen Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

Jazmen may look small but she has some powerful lungs and knows how to use them! Her first week of being hospitalized she did not want anyone coming around her, not even her mother. The way she would tell us this was by screaming at the person who had or tried to come near her. Jazmen was hospitalized on our pediatric floor for a total of 14.5 days for empyema. She was hospitalized because she had recurrent pneumonia for over a month and wasn’t able to ‘kick it’. The first day she was hospitalized our physicians thought that a stronger IV antibiotic may help reduce the amount of infection in her lungs. Following one day of antibiotic and her third chest x-ray, it was determined she would need a chest tube placed. The chest tube was a success and for a solid 5 days it worked without problems. On the 5th day following the chest tube placement she had to go back to IR to have this tube replaced.

During Jazmen’s 14 day stay in our health care system, she underwent daily chest x-rays, chest tube placement and then replacement, CT scans, physical therapy and developmental appropriate play with our child life department. Through it all she did her best to remain positive and upbeat!

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