Jacob – Hero of the Month

Name: Jacob
Age: 11
State: North Carolina
Facility: Levine Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Jacob was diagnosed with Klippel-fiel Malformation Syndrome several months ago after visiting his pediatrician due to hives. If this syndrome is not caught early enough it can cause paralysis and neurological defects. Jacob was admitted to Levine Children’s Hospital on October 14, 2009 after having a halo placed. After surgery, Jacob remained in halo traction till November 9, 2009. Jacob had surgery again on November 9th in which he had the halo removed and his spinal cord worked on, which included using metal plates and wires. Jacob is an amazing 10 year old boy. Ever since his admission, he has been extremely positive and has brought a smile to the face of anyone he comes in contact with. While in halo traction, Jacob would get in his wheel chair and spend much of his time in the playroom making things or playing video games. Jacob has never questioned his surgery or its purpose. It has been a pleasure for me to have worked with a patient like Jacob. Due to his positive attitude, his determination, and his courage I would like to nominate Jacob for Hero of the Month!

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