Dylan – Hero of the Month

Name: Dylan
Age: 6
State: Cincinnati, OH
Facility: Shriners Hospitals for Children

Hero of the Month Boy

Dylan was injured in an accident in December when gasoline was put onto a bonfire from the night before and it exploded, causing burns to over 66% of his body. He suffered burns to his face, head, neck, back, chest and arms, and because of the severity of the burns, he had to have fingers on his right hand amputated. Dylan also had complications to his intestinal tract, causing the need for removal of his small intestine and part of his large intestine. He is now unable to eat foods he used to eat. He will hopefully one day be a candidate for a transplant but for he is completely dependent on getting his nutrition intravenously.

Dylan worked very hard during his almost three month hospital stay. He endured multiple surgeries requiring skin grafts and numerous hours of physical therapy. But this accident has not stopped Dylan. When you talk with him, he will tell you that he doesn’t like therapy or the fact that he can’t eat but he will also tell you that he is glad that this accident didn’t kill him. Looking at him now, as he is ready to be discharged, you would not be able to guess there was ever uncertainty about him surviving. He is a vibrant, smart, energetic and fun loving boy who loves Sponge Bob, playing outside and joking around with his brothers. He has adapted and worked through every challenge he has faced and this is why we believe he is a true HERO!

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