Dayna – Hero of the Month

Name: Dayna
Age: 10
State: Minnesota
Facility: Hennepin County Medical Center

Hero of the Month Girl

While walking from their local Walgreens, ten year old Dayna, her twin sister and their mother were enjoying the brisk winter air when, all of a sudden, a car sped over the parking barrier toward them. In the instant she realized what was happening, Dayna reached out and gave her twin a shove, forcing her out of harm’s way. In the blink of an eye, the car pinned their mother to a brick wall and had knocked Dayna down, severely injuring her foot. Dayna’s mother, Marilyn, sustained multiple severe injuries to both of her legs while Dayna suffered a de-gloving injury to her foot and a fractured ankle; Dayna’s twin sister, Danielle, escaped unharmed thanks to her beloved sister.

During her stay at the Hennepin County Medical Center, Dayna endured many painful wound dressings and an eventual skin grafting surgery, but she showed great courage and was an inspiration to all who worked with her. In the hospital, Dayna and her mother shared a room; while her mother was going through nine surgeries and many agonizing therapy sessions, little Dayna did her best to encourage her mother and really helped in lifting her spirits.

For her bravery, courage and perseverance, Dayna can truly be called a Hero and we at Kids Wish Network are proud to name her as our Hero of the Month for February! Congratulations, Dayna! You truly deserve it!

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