Brynn – Hero of the Month

Name: Brynn
Age: 8
State: Minnesota

Hero of the Month Girl

Eight year old Brynn was in a car when it collided with a tree; the seatbelt strapping the little girl in tightened and she was propelled forward against the belt, which did not rest against her hips and instead dug into her lower abdomen. Before falling into the void of unconsciousness, Brynn told her rescuers her name, the names of her parents, her mother’s workplace and the fact that she could not move her toes. The next thing she knew, she was in Hennepin County Medical Center.

Brynn’s injuries were severe and extensive: her small intestine was severed in two places, one of her kidneys was damaged and her spinal cord was broken. After numerous surgeries and procedures, the damage to her kidney was repaired and her small intestine was rejoined. Her spine, however, even after the surgeries, was so badly damaged that Brynn will be paralyzed from her navel to her toes for the rest of her life. This was a terrible blow to such an active little girl, but she has adjusted to her new situation quickly and with a bright attitude. At every challenge, Brynn stuck out her chin, persevered and was an inspiration to all who met her during her hospitalization.

Since the accident, Brynn’s story has become the inspiration for a proposed law in the state of Minnesota. This law, called “The Brynn Law”, would require children between the ages of four and eight to be seated in a booster seat in order to be buckled securely in a car.

For her courage and brave outlook in the face of painful and terrifying circumstances, Brynn can truly be called a Hero and we at Kids Wish Network are proud to name her as our Hero of the Month for January! Congratulations, Brynn! You truly deserve it!

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