Benjamin – Hero of the Month

Name: Benjamin
Age: 3
State: Downey, CA
Facility: Kaiser Permanente – Bellflower

Hero of the Month Boy

Benjamin arrived by ambulance to the emergency room at Fountain Valley Hospital. He was admitted to the PICU with pneumonia, pleural effusion and empyema. He required a central line and a chest tube to be placed. The doctors also stated he has HMV (human metapneumovirus). Over the next several days, he had many different procedures but he was also suffering from very high fevers. They believed the central line was causing an infection and his lungs were filled with pus like fluid. They removed the central line and continued the medication in hopes of clearing the infection.

He was later transferred to Kaiser Hospital to undergo speech, physical and occupational therapy as he had regressed during his hospitalization. Benjamin was reluctant at first but was slowly was walking and talking. His recovery began to move along quickly and he was soon moved to Miller Children’s Hospital to continue his therapy.

After a month in the hospital he was finally discharged. He continues with his outpatient therapy and is doing much better. The amazing thing is for such a little guy he went through a lot and didn’t make much of a fuss. He was extremely happy to return to his family after being away for so long!

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