A Wish for Fish

Name: Chris
Age: 18
State: MA

Wish Kid

18-year-old Chris has always been an active person with interests ranging from snowboarding to saltwater fishing. His active lifestyle has led to many aches and pains over the years but just last year he began experiencing severe muscle pains like he had never felt before. Doctors checked but could find nothing wrong with him.

In July, the pain was so constant and so intense that Chris was left bedridden. Another trip to the hospital and an MRI later, doctors found a large tumor on his left hip bone. Further testing revealed that Chris had Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and that it had spread to his lungs and his bone marrow. He was immediately started on 14 rounds of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation to try to combat the cancer. Since then, doctors discovered that the tumor has returned and Chris has begun additional chemo treatments to slow the spread of the cancer.

For his wish, Chris asked if he could fish for goliath grouper down in sunny Florida and that’s just what he did. For three days, he fished, relaxed and fished some more. However, there were more surprises in store for him than just fishing and boating.

During his first fishing expedition, Chris and his family were met at the boat by pitcher Madison Younginer and spring training coach Brett Bodine of the Boston Red Sox. They also brought with them a jersey signed with a personal message to Chris from his favorite Red Sox player, David Ortiz. Not only that, but they also both accompanied the teen on his fishing trip!

Over three full days in Florida, Chris caught many fish including one 480 pound goliath grouper, a 5-6 foot barracuda and another goliath grouper weighing in at 125 pounds. Now that he’s home, he is facing another round of chemotherapy, but his mother said that “he doesn’t mind because of what he got to do on the trip.”

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