Reece – Hero of the Month

Name: Reece
Age: 11
State: Wilmington, DE
Facility:Nemours/Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children

Hero of the Month Boy

Reece was a previously healthy kid who started feeling sick around Halloween. He was brought to the ER where he was quickly intubated and transferred to our PICU. He was then diagnosed with Swine Flu. Upon his admission to the PICU, they realized his lungs weren’t working well enough and he needed to be put on ECMO, which is a heart and lung bypass. While most kids spend 7-10 days on the ECMO, Reece was on it for over a month and was finally able to come off the day before his 11th birthday.

When Reece first entered into respiratory distress, his feet and legs weren’t getting enough oxygen and became necrotic. Two weeks after coming off the ECMO, Reece underwent a bilateral below the knee amputation. A week after that he had a trach placed for long term protection of his airway.

In late January he was transferred to the rehab service, had prosthetics made and began working on re-mastering his activities of daily living. He is now able to breathe on his own without any assistance. He continues with daily therapies to help his transition back into the real world. With all that he had endured, Reece had such a sweet nature. He has the resilience to continue to do well and succeed no matter how many obstacles are put in his path. Though he made need to do things at his own pace sometimes, Reece always meets the challenge placed in front of him and does so with great energy and a priceless smile!

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