Mikey Meets Lightning McQueen!

Name: Michael
Age: 5
State: New Jersey

Michael Meets Lightning McQueen

In 2008, after almost constant testing, 5-year-old Michael was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Williams-Beuren Syndrome. This is a neurodevelopmental disorder that leads to various developmental delays and physical handicaps. In addition, Michael also has a condition called chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction. This condition causes many different digestive problems and has lead to Michael needing a feeding tube to supplement his nutrition. He has been in and out of the hospital for much of his young life and needs constant CPAP treatments for breathing.

“We all had a wonderful time in Disney World,” said Mikey’s mom. “From the moment we got on the airplane, Mikey was in awe…it was amazing to see how excited both kids were the past four days. I think Mikey’s favorite attraction was the ‘Lights, Motors, Action!’ show and ‘Toy Story Mania!’ [ride] at Hollywood Studios.”

All in all, it was the perfect wish for Mikey.

According to his mom, “Mikey’s wish was to experience all the fun and magic at Disney that touches the not-so-scary stuff, and being in Disney was just the right place to be. Although he still needed to take his medicines, he didn’t seem to be bothered with it as much. His wish of meeting Lightning McQueen [from Disney’s “Cars” movie] came true. The moment he saw the car, his eyes lit up. He kept asking if he could take the car home. Since we have been home, Mikey has been non-stop talking about Disney World. When we drive in the car, he pretends it is the monorail, which was another one of his favorites…I am thankful to Kids Wish Network for making this happen.”

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