Kayla – Hero of the Month

Name: Kayla
State: New Orleans, LA
Facility: Tulane Hospital for Children

Hero of the Month Girl

Kayla Kershaw is an eight year old child that sustained a leg injury while playing basketball. As the injury improved, Kayla started to play again, when a fellow player landed on her knee, injuring the leg again. Kayla’s pain from this injury increased to the point of her not being able to walk. She had multiple doctors’ visits and tests revealing no major damage to the leg however; Kayla’s pain persisted. At last Kayla found a neurologist who discovered she had developed reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) which is very rare in children and can lead to multiple problems if not treated quickly with physical therapy.

The day after this visit Kayla was admitted to our facility to receive an epidural to assist with pain during her therapy. Kayla was so ready to heal and be pain free that she took all of this news in stride. After the first day she was able to move her foot and she was up and walking by day three! Kayla has continued to participate in physical therapy and is improving every day. She hopes to be playing basketball again soon! Kayla Kershaw is definitely a HERO in our eyes.

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