Tenasia – Hero of the Month

Name: Tenasia
Age: 11
State: Charlotte, NC
Facility: Presbyterian Hemby Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

Tenasia suffered a spinal cord injury last summer during a slip-n-slide accident. She has been living in pain for several months. She was admitted for a C1 and 2 rotary fixations. She had to be placed in a halo with weights for 12 days. Tenasia underwent surgery on her spine and started the recovery process. She worked with physical therapy to get her up and walking. She used a walker for only a couple of days before she put it down and walked unassisted for the remainder of her stay.

Tenasia remained in high spirits regardless of her physical pain level. She kept herself busy by playing a countless amount of board games and doing craft projects. She built some great relationships with the nurses, child life and volunteers. Because of the adversity she has been through and the positive attitude that she had throughout her entire hospital stay, Tenasia could be the poster child for the Hero of the Month program!

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