Sal Scores a “Touchdown” and Meets John Elway

Name: Sal
Age: 13
State: FL

Wish Kid

Sal suffers from a severe heart condition that prevents the proper flow of blood. He has a weak heart valve and the left side of his heart is enlarged. In addition to this, he has had two heart surgeries to remove a growth from under his aortic valve. Sal must also be very careful to disinfect even the simplest scratch because he is susceptible to getting endocarditis, a severe infection of the heart lining.

Sal was invited to a game and, just two minutes into the 2nd quarter, Sal and his family where escorted up to John Elway’s private box. Mr. Elway signed a few autographs and took pictures with Sal and he also sat and watched the game with Sal and talked football with him. For one quarter, Sal and his brother were supposed to be the only people in the box with Elway; but he surprised Sal with a quarterback sneak and let the whole family stay for the entire game! It was a dream for Sal to be with his hero as he watched his favorite team earn a hard fought victory over the New England Patriots.

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