Riddick Meets His Favorite “Toy Story” Heroes!

Name: Riddick
Age: 5
State: CO

Wish Kid

Riddick has lived his full 5 years with a serious heart condition called Williams Syndrome. For Riddick, this condition has resulted in an enlarged heart and narrowed pulmonary arteries. Because of this, his heart has to work harder than average and, at one point, Riddick suffered through 6 cardiac arrests in a span of only 2 days. He has endured 3 heart catheter insertions and he requires oxygen at night.

For his wish, Riddick wanted to visit Disneyland in Califorina. He says that his favorite parts of the trip were meeting “celebrities” like Woody and the green army men from the “Toy Story” movies at the Disney parks and Shrek and Scooby Doo at Universal Studios. He also had a wonderful time riding all the rides and watching plenty of fun shows.

All in all, the trip was a complete success in giving Riddick the chance to just be a kid for a few days and to also give his family the chance to have some worry-free time away from the stresses back home.

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