Miranda – Hero of the Month

Name: Miranda
Age: 6
State: Springfield, MO
Facility: Cox Health Systems

Miranda Hero of the Month
Hero of the Month Girl

It is a miracle that 6 y/o Miranda is still alive today. Ten days ago, Miranda decided to go outside with her 11 y/o brother, Dillon, to play in the snow. She walked out onto a frozen pond and fell through the ice. Her brother was afraid he may get in trouble so he ran back to the house and asked his 7 y/o sister, Mirah, for help. When Mirah saw her little sister face down in the pond, she was scared and went to the house to tell her grandmother. By the time the grandmother alerted Miranda’s mom who then ran to the pond, Miranda had been in for approximately 30-45 minutes. CPR was given and continued until first responders arrived and took her to the local hospital.

After reaching their local hospital, she was immediately life flighted to Cox Health Systems-South in Springfield, Missouri. The ER docs main concern was raising her body temp and getting a normal BP. Multiple diagnostic test and procedures have been performed. She was intubated, had an art line and central line placed and urine cath and renal probe placed. She fought having a low temp and then fought having too high of a temp. She was unconscious during the first and most of the second day. Since then, she’s been in and out of a heavy sleep. She was finally extubated on Tuesday morning, after being on the vent for 3 ½ days. She has had multiple disciplines involved, including OT/PT/ST who are working on her rehab. Currently, she is working on walking and strengthening her muscles. She wears a podus boot on one leg at a time and alternating legs every 2 hours. She also wears splints on both hands for 2 hours on, 2 hours off.

Miranda is scheduled to be transferred to a children’s hospital to continue her inpatient rehab. Miranda has been very patient and willing to complete the requirements for discharge. She is a true Hero!

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