Llesenia – Hero of the Month

Name: Llesenia
Age: 16
State: Paterson, NJ
Facility: St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

We met Llesenia 12 days ago when she was admitted to the PICU because of an emergency surgery she needed to remove her gallbladder, and septic shock that her body was in due to the rupture. Llesenia was on a ventilator due to this for a few days. As she begun to get better each day, we learned many things about her. Llesenia is also a diabetic who was diagnosed about 10 years ago. Each day she lives with this illness and never complains about it. During this hospitalization, she expressed that everything happens for a reason and that she will get through this like she gets through diabetes each day.

It has been a very difficult two weeks for her and she has shown such an amazing spirit through this whole ordeal. We feel this young woman is so inspirational and very deserving of this Hero award!

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