Liberty has her Own Playground!

liberty swingset wish

Suffered through 6 months of chemotherapy

Just two years ago, Liberty was diagnosed with having Retinoblastoma, which is a rapidly progressive cancer of the eye. Her parents could see something was wrong with her eye, so they took her to the emergency room where she was given an MRI. It was then that her doctors discovered that she had a tumor in her left eye.

The cancer was too severe to save her eye and, unfortunately, it had to be removed. Liberty then suffered through 6 months of chemotherapy to prevent the cancer from spreading to her other eye. As of right now, Liberty is being closely monitored for a recurrence of the tumor.

For her wish, little Liberty wanted to enjoy a park in the privacy of her own yard, so she asked to have a swingset installed and that is just what happened. Now that she has a playground of her very own, Liberty is hardly ever inside! She just loves her new swingset!

UPDATE: 8/2014

Liberty is now 8 years old and doing great!

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Name: Liberty
Age: 4
Illness: Retinoblastoma
State: TX
Wish: Swingset
Wish Type: Commodity


Wishes Granted

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