Keri Meets Nicole Kidman and Katie Couric!

Keri suffers from from spina bifida. A shunt to drain the excess fluid from her brain, several operations on her feet to assist her mobility, and a wheelchair for long distances are just a few of the resulting complications.

Keri briefly met Katie Couric during the ‘Today’ broadcast and was allowed to stay on the set during the show to see all the behind the scenes maneuvering. Show regulars Ann Curry and Al Roker also made a point to come and spend some time with Keri, as did special guests Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman. Katie introduced her to everyone and Nicole Kidman spent about five minutes just talking with Keri.

Finished with the show, Katie and Keri retired to the green room for some quiet conversation. The future reporter chatted with her hero about school and her interest in journalism. Katie Couric even gave her some advice on getting started in the business.


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