Jessie – Hero of the Month

Name: Jessie
Age: 7

Hero of the Month Girl

Jessie was initially hospitalized for severe abdominal pain. She was taken to the OR within hours of being admitted with the thought that her appendix would be taken out and she would recover in the Pediatric unit. But the surgeons ended up finding a hole I her stomach and fluid in her abdomen.

After the surgery, she was taken to the PICU and spent a day on a ventilator. Shortly after, she was transferred back to the Pediatrics where she slowly worked her way back to painting, walking and being her silly self! Although Jessie went through many medical procedures that were not easy, she was always cooperative. After an 11 day hospital stay, she was discharged.

Ten days later she was readmitted with abdominal and back pain. After several tests including CT, MRI and X-rays, the doctors could not find the cause. Concerned about the severity of her pain, se was taken back into the OR for exploratory surgery. Her doctors again found fluid in her stomach but could not find the source. However, they did find that her pancreas was extremely stiff.

After many blood tests and hours of research, doctors determined Jessie’s body makes WAY more cholesterol than she needs causing extremely high triglyceride levels. Jessie has severe pancreatitis and the amount of fat going through her body was too much for her pancreas to absorb so fluid was leaking into her abdomen. Following this 2nd surgery, Jessie transferred back to the PICU for four days with two spent on a ventilator.

Through it all, she showed amazing determination, again pushing herself to walk and recover from her surgery. Throughout her hospitalization, she taught us that even through the most difficult of times it is possible to keep a smile on your face! That is why Jessie is a Hero!

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