A Meaningful Trip

Name: Sean
Age: 10
State: MA

Wish Kid

Sean suffers from a disorder called hypotonia. This condition has caused him to have extremely low muscle tone, which affects all of his movements. He must wear a brace on his upper body and needs the assistance of a walker or wheelchair for going longer distances. Sean’s hip is also turned the wrong way, which causes him additional pain and complications. In addition, Sean also suffers from sleep apnea.

For his wish, Sean said that he wanted to take a trip to visit the graves of some of his favorite U.S. presidents, and that’s just what he did. Armed with 6 red roses, Sean and his family took a road trip through Virginia and Washington D.C. to leave roses of remembrance at the graves of John F. Kennedy, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Sean was honored to share his tokens of remembrance and he was also pleased to enjoy all the other things his Wish Coordinator had planned for him, including tours of the Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, the Capitol building, the National Zoo, Washington National Cathedral, Mount Vernon and Monticello.

During his visit to Arlington, Sean experienced a truly touching event. While placing a rose on the grave of President Kennedy, he saw a group of police officers in their dress uniforms. He asked what they were doing there and was told that they were attending the funeral of one of their officers who had lost his life while fighting in Afghanistan. Sean decided then and there to give his extra rose to the officers to place on the grave of their fallen comrade. The officer who received the rose was touched by Sean’s remarkable show of respect and gave the boy an official Honor Guard coin of the Los Angeles P.D., the department the officers worked for. “You showed respect and honor to my family,” said the officer. “Now you’re a part of our family.” It was an experience that will stay with Sean and his whole family an entire lifetime.

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