Clarence – Hero of the Month

Name: Clarence
Age: 9
State: San Antonio, TX
Facility: CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

Clarence was brought to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital Emergency Room for headaches, nausea and vomiting. He was later diagnosed with severe meningitis and sinusitis. Clarence’s pain significantly increased and he was not getting better after treatment. After an MRI, results showed that Clarence had fluid in his brain and would need surgery to drain the fluid. Clarence stayed in the PICU for several days following the surgery. Clarence has endured numerous pokes and severe pain throughout his hospitalization. Clarence looked like his was on the mend, when he developed fevers, and more vomiting and nausea. Doctors later discovered that Clarence had developed a large mass on his tonsils which would be removed surgically. Surgery went well, but Clarence has a long road to recovery.

Due to Clarence’s lengthy hospitalization he has increased global weakness and is unable to walk on his own. Clarence uses a wheelchair for mobility and will still require several more weeks of inpatient rehabilitation before he can go home. We anticipate that Clarence will be a very hard worker and extremely motivated in his therapies. Clarence has already spent 40+ days in the hospital and it’s not over yet!

Clarence and his family were ecstatic to hear the news that he had been chosen as CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital Hero of the Month! Thank you for giving Clarence this wonderful opportunity!

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