Tyler – Hero of the Month

Name: Tyler
Age: 9
State: Texas
Facility: Texas Scottish Rite

Hero of the Month Boy

I would like to nominate Tyler for the Hero of the Month Award. Tyler is a 9 year old boy who sustained a spinal cord injury in February of 2007 as a result of an ATV accident. He came to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital because of a complication with his incision. When he first came to the hospital, he seemed angry and resistant to trying any sports or activities. He did try to play tennis one day and we saw a glimmer of hope, but he was still very frustrated with his wheelchair.

Tyler came back in April for a clinic visit and it was apparent he had worked hard to change his outlook. He was like a different child! He was attending school and said that he was playing football with his friends. He expressed interest in hand cycling, and his mom told us she had registered him for a fishing tournament through POINT. He wants to walk again one day, but it seems as though he is dealing with his injury now and is learning to be more active.

He’s a great kid. I think being recognized for his determination and complete turn around, will give him encouragement to continue to adjust to his injury.

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