Sunny Pictures = Sunny Days

We live in Sunny Florida, but it hasn’t been very sunny lately. Our 40 and 50 degree weather doesn’t compare with the snow storms that other parts of the country are experiencing, but it does put a little bit of a damper on our spirits. So, while we can only play so many practical jokes on each other in the office, we need other ways to lift our spirits. My personal favorite? Looking at pictures of some of my favorite Hero of the Month Kids!

Isaiah and Elijah

This is Isaiah and Elijah. They were involved in an awful car accident. This picture shows them after Elijah received his Hero award (Isaiah got his the next month). These are 2 of the cutest kids I have ever seen!! I love that they can still smile, especially after everything they went through.


This is Dylan. He had a swimming accident that caused paralysis. Even through his therapy he smiles and gives 110%!!! Because of his strength and determination, he was our very first Hero of the Year!!


This is one of my absolute favorites!! Meet Shelby. She has a heart condition but you would never know it by the look on her face! She is just so dainty (check out the way she holds her certificate!!) and is entirely too precious!! Looking at her photo could bring a smile to anyone’s face!!!

Thanks so much to the families and facilities for sharing the photos of these kids! It helps bring a little bit more sunshine to our days!

HOTM Coordinator


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