Sienna – Hero of the Month

Name: Sienna
Age: 8
State: Texas
Facility:Christus Santa Rosa

Hero of the Month Girl

Sienna is an 8 year old little girl who has been hospitalized since June 15 at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital. Sienna was admitted for abdominal pain then taken to surgery. While in surgery the surgeons discovered that she had a perforated gastric ulcer. As a result of this she had a partial gastrectomy which left her with only a small pouch for her stomach. During her recovery she has experienced many invasive radiological procedures and return visits to the operating room. She is currently working on eating enough food so she can go home.

Sienna is a very fun little girl who has worked very hard to get better and to do the things the doctor and nurses have asked her to do as she recovers from her surgery. She has responded well to the techniques she has been taught to help her through painful and anxiety producing procedures. She enjoys participating in hospital activities in the playroom with her siblings and has adjusted well to the routines of the hospital. She has shown great courage and deserves to be the Hero of the Month for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital.

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