Ryan – Hero of the Month

Name: Ryan
Age: 15
Facility: Easter Seals AR Children’s Rehabilitation Center

Hero of the Month Boy

Ryan is a playful and energetic 15 year old diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ryan has lived at the Easter Seals Arkansas Children’s Rehabilitation Center for three years, and during that time he has grown into an adventurous young man. When Ryan was first admitted to the Center he was confined to a wheelchair, but now he is always on-the-go because he is able to walk with a walker. He is fearless; always wanting to ride every ride at amusement parks and the state fair. No roller coaster is too tall or too fast for Ryan.

Ryan has had to undergo surgeries and hospitalizations, but no obstacle has dampened Ryan’s playful personality. Through his hard work, Ryan has learned to communicate using a Picture Exchange Communication System. Ryan’s favorite word to communicate is “go”. Even though Ryan has physical limitations he is a typical teenage boy, always ready to go find a new adventure.

Easter Seals Arkansas is proud to nominate Ryan as their HERO OF THE MONTH!

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