Megan – Hero of the Month

Name: Megan
Age: 11
State: Texas
Facility: Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

I am nominating Meagan for Hero of the Month for March for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital In San Antonio, TX.

Meagan Is an 11-year-old little girl who was in a horrible car accident in November. During the accident she sustained numerous internal injuries and a spinal cord injury, resulting in several surgeries and intense pain. Megan was in the pediatric ICU for about two months. Once she was medically stable, she transferred to our hospital for intense rehabilitation, to include physical therapy, occupational^ therapy and hospital school services. Due to her spinal cord injury, Meagan now has paralysis in her legs. With hard work, dedication and motivation, she has learned to easily manipulate a wheelchair for mobility and has even started walking with braces and a walker. Meagan has been a trooper!! Throughout her entire hospitalization, she has managed to maintain a positive attitude and a great outlook on life. She saying throughout her hospitalization has been “Life Is Good.”

Meagan and her family were very excited to learn that she had been chosen for Hero of the Month. She is very eager to use her gift certificate. Thank you for giving Meagan this wonderful opportunity!

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