Luzdary – Hero of the Month

Name: Luzdary
Age: 4
State: New York
Facility:Elmhurst Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

For the month of December, I would like to nominate Luzdary. She is a 4 year-old girl who suffers with developmental delays and physical disabilities.

Luzdary and her twin sister Lizbeth were born prematurely at 25 weeks. The twins spent the first four months of their lives in the neo-natal intensive care unit. Luzdary’s early birth has caused developmental delays. She can walk with assistance, but she does not talk at all.

Luzdary attends the hospital’s developmental evaluation clinic where she is being followed in order to ensure that she receives the necessary services. Luzdary’s mom spoke for her and told me that she attends a special school for children with special needs where she receives physical and occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy. Luzdary wears a hearing aid and utilizes a special machine called an “FM unit” at school that helps her to hear. Luzdary also wears glasses to help improve her vision.

At home Luzdary likes to play with her five brothers and sisters. She is happy, friendly and sweet. She is looking forward to turning five in early December.

For the way Luzdary continues to grow and challenge her physical and mental disabilities, I nominate her for the December Hero of the Month.

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