Liz – Hero of the Month

Name: Liz
Age: 13
State: Texas
Facility:Texas Scottish Rite

Hero of the Month Girl

I would like to nominate Liz for the December Hero of the Month award. Liz is a beautiful thirteen year-old young lady who is diagnosed with spina bifida and progressive curvature of the spine. She was able to walk until 2000, but is now wheelchair mobile. Liz attends junior high school in Arlington, is a good student, and makes good grades. She lives with her mother and younger brother.

Liz has been a patient since she was four years old. This year, Liz was admitted in January for posterior spinal fusion and Ilizarov frame which seemed to encase her mid-body area. She spent four months at TSRIIC. During this long admission and extensive treatment, Liz kept a positive attitude and never complained. She was a role model for the other children in the Hospital. For these reasons, I would like to nominate her for the Hero of the Month award. Thank you for considering Liz.

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