Kids Wish Network Loses a Faithful Friend

It has been a very sad day here at Kids Wish Network. Rocky, “our” beautiful 12-year-old German Shepherd friend passed away last night. We will miss him greatly.


Our founders, Shelley and Mark, were the proud parents of Rocky and we were all his “aunts and uncles” (who sometimes liked to spoil him with secret treats). Rocky was here from the inception of Kids Wish Network; from the days of five people sharing phones and desks in what probably should have been a condemned building with no air conditioning (it was brutal in the Florida summers) to today, in an office filled with 30 people dedicated to brightening the lives of children facing extraordinarily difficult situations. Rocky has seen it all.

Most of the time, Kids Wish Network is an inspirational and rewarding place to work. However, there are those days that are extremely sad and difficult to face: the days when we hear that a child has taken a turn for the worse or has lost their battle with a devastating disease. Rocky was a great source of comfort at those times. If you’ve ever had a dog, you understand. Dogs are great listeners and friends when you need a shoulder to cry on…and Rocky had very broad shoulders.

I remember the fun we had with Rocky. He was one smart pup! Don’t leave any food in your desk drawers; Rocky was famous for opening them and stealing your lunch!

Rocky’s mom, Shelley, used to say that “Dogs are great judges of character”. During preliminary phone interviews for possible employees, we’d ask how they felt about working in an office with dogs. Rocky would greet the potential employees at the door and we would gauge his reaction – and theirs. I remember laughing as Shelley interviewed a friend of mine for a position, and big, old intimidating Rocky coming over and laying his head in Terri’s lap. Quite an interview technique! Terri was hired on the spot.

Rocky was special and I will always be grateful to have known him. He was here from the start and somehow the office will never be quite the same. This was his home and he was loved. He lived a beautiful life and he will always be remembered at Kids Wish Network.

Shelley and Mark, I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss him. Thank you for sharing him.



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