Jonathan – Hero Of The Month

Name: Jonathan
Age: 9
State: Texas
Facility: Healthbridge Hospital

Hero of the Month Boy

Nine year old Jonathan is an extremely energetic kid with a bright future and a positive outlook on life. One day, while indulging his love of activity with some ATV riding, Jonathan had an accident and crashed his four-wheeler.

This terrible incident resulted in a broken leg and a traumatic brain injury, which left him with arm, leg and facial weaknesses. Jonathan was brought to Healthbridge hospital for treatment. He has endured extensive and difficult physical, occupational and speech therapies since the accident.

Throughout the treatment and therapy sessions, Jonathan has never complained and has let nothing get him down, not even the disappointment of having his discharge delayed. Though his accident has barred him from participating in the fun sports and activities he loves so much, he is taking it on as just another challenge. He is determined to get back to playing an active role in sports as soon as he can. Because of Jonathan’s will to overcome adversity, his resolve to get better and his brave outlook on life, Jonathan was chosen to be our “Hero of the Month.”

Jonathan will receive an official “Hero of The Month” certificate, a Hero of the Month T-shirt and a gift card to spend an anything he may wish for!

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