Jenda – Hero of the Month

Name: Jenda
Age: 5
State: New Haven, CT
Facility: Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

Jenda was admitted to Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital recently after experiencing left hip and knee pain for two days and not receiving any relief at home. When she arrived to the Emergency Department, the pain was so severe that she could not bear any weight on her left leg. In the ED, she had a hip x-ray and ultrasound. These tests indicated left hip effusion. With a diagnosis underway, Jenda was admitted to 7-2, Yale-New Haven’s School Age/Adolescent Unit, where she underwent an effusion tap, the placement of a peripheral IV, and started on antibiotics. Jenda began feeling much better and was discharged two days later.

Unfortunately, she returned another two days later with the same chief complaint. She was immediately admitted to 7-3, the Infant/ Toddler Unit, had a second peripheral IV placed and scheduled for an MRI. Jenda was awake for the MRI and did a beautiful job holding still so the doctors could get the perfect picture of her leg. The MRI results revealed a diagnosis of Staphyloocucus Bacteremia. Her hip was septic and there was bacteria found in her blood. Jenda had a PICC line placed and received six weeks of antibiotics.

During her roller coaster of hospitalizations and tests/procedures, Jenda was extremely brave and strong. She coped incredibly well with every test/procedure she endured. She was always interested in learning about the test/procedure and practicing with one of her many stuffed animal friends. Jenda was consistently upbeat and playful. Her nurses described her as quiet and reserved, but she was actually extremely outgoing and very talkative, always ready to get involved in playroom activities. She would often spend her days in the playroom making play dough food, listening to books being read in storytime, completing an arts & crafts project, or letting her imagination take her away in dramatic play.

Jenda is a girly-girl who loves wearing pretty pink dresses and spending time baking and cooking with her mom in the kitchen. She also loves spending time with her older brother – who through her hospitalization – she would speak highly of and missed a great deal. Jenda comes from a very involved, supportive and loving family. She is a sweet little girl of extraordinary character. It is an absolute privilege to know this exceptional and brave girl.

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