Jayme – Hero of the Month

Name: Jayme
Age: 12
State: Indiana
Facility: Lutheran Children’s Hospital

Hero of the Month Girl

We would like to nominate Jayme for the “Hero of the Month”. Jayme is a typical 12 year old who loves movies, Nintendo games, and hanging out with his friends. Jayme is very active and involved in a lot at school and the community (tennis lessons). He has had multiple hospitalizations due to a ruptured appendix. This all started on September 30th when he had been admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain and flu-like symptoms and ended up having a an emergency appendectomy and it had ruptured so he had to get antibiotics and a very long recovery. He has continued to struggle with nausea and problems. He will return to us for follow-up but this nomination will help him tremendously! He has been very discouraged and has missed lots of school and some family events and this week missed his favorite holiday-Halloween! He again had the traumatic experiences of a PROLONGED hospitalization, multiple surgeries, lots on long days of treatments and therapy sessions, and distance from his family and friends!

He deserves a great big cheer up and I think this is a great way to allow him some control in a situation that he has been totally unable to control! We are excited to nominate him to your wonderful program. Thanks in advance for your consideration of him.

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