Jacob and Jared – Heros of the Month

Name: Jacob and Jared
Age: 9
State: Fort Worth, TX
Facility:Cook Children’s Medical Center

Hero of the Month Boy

Jacob and Jared are just the type of children the HERO program was designed for. They are 9-year-old twins who have multiple diagnoses including: Cerebral Palsy, broncho-pulmonary displagia, von willebrand disease, and fluid on the base of the brain and the spine. These boys are truly heroes! They have experienced as many as 27-week long hospital stays in one single year. Mom also confirmed that they have only been home for two Christmases; the rest have been spent at Cook Children’s Medical Center. Their daily lives include multiple therapies, daily medications and treatments to remain well, and special programs to help them develop as much as possible. They have very little time to just be kids!

The boys have some developmental delays due to their diagnoses, but are beginning to realize how different their lives are from their peers. They are also beginning to experience joy in activities. These two factors prove that being chosen as HERO OF THE MONTH will be a very special event for both Jared and Jacob. This will be a chance to celebrate their perseverance while recognizing their continued hard work and struggle.

Jared is also dealing with some additional challenges right now. Following a surgery on his spine, he developed some pain issues and is receiving treatment at the pain clinic. Unfortunately, the treatment was unsuccessful and he is now living with chronic pain.

The boys walk a very similar path, but are beginning to grow up to be quite the individuals. Jared has a passion for sports and video games; Jacob loves anything that moves or drives, especially fire trucks and ambulances! Cook Children’s Medical Center truly believes that Jacob and Jared embody the title HERO and couldn’t be more deserving!

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