Evelyn – Hero of the Month

Name: Evelyn
Age: 3
State: Texas
Facility: Texas Scottish Rite

Hero of the Month Girl

Evelyn is a three year old girl who for the last year was living in Lesotho, Africa with her mother, father, and three month old brother. On August 31,2006 Evelyn suffered from a severe crush of her left leg when a cement wall collapsed on her. Her injury affected her left leg from her mid-thigh down through her foot. By report, her foot was nearly separated from her leg. She was stabilized in a hospital in South Africa in the intensive care unit where she was intubated, received several blood transfusions, and went through surgery to pin the bones in her foot and leg. After a couple of days, Evelyn was extubated and transferred to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children for further orthopedic care.

She and her parents will have many more new challenges to face as her journey here continues.

At this time, I want to recognize Evi and her family for the outstanding ability to endure the many changes in their lives with their unique tenderness, kindness, and appreciation for each other as well as towards all the staff they have worked with here. They are truly exceptional Heroes of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

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