Ethan – Hero of the Month

Name: Ethan
Age: 8
State: Texas
Facility: Texas Scottish Rite

Hero of the Month Boy

I would like to nominate 8-year-old Ethan as the February Hero of the Month. Ethan is currently an inpatient here at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC) and will remain an inpatient for the next two to three months. Ethan is in need of surgery to correct his scoliosis and is now in halo traction prior to this surgery.

Prior to becoming a patient at TSRHC, his family lived in New Orleans, LA. The family was displaced to Texas by Hurricane Katrina. They have since settled in Fort Worth, TX. Ethan was first evaluated for scoliosis in Louisiana, during which time it was discovered that he had leukemia. His leukemia was treated successfully with chemotherapy.

Ethan is quiet and focused. He loves to spend time in our Child Life Playroom building with Legos and playing games. During his short stay here thus far, he has shown a great deal of empathy for other patients. Another patient does not speak English, and Ethan has made particular efforts to be warm and friendly to this child. Considering all that Ethan has been through in his young life, his upcoming surgery, and his kind attitude toward others, I feel that he is a perfect candidate for Hero of the Month.

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