Emily – Hero of the Month

Name: Emily
Age: 10
State: Texas
Facility: Texas Scottish Rite

Hero of the Month Girl

I would like to nominate Emily for the January Hero of the Month award Emily, now 10 years old, has been a patient at TSRHC since she was two. Emily was born with spina bifida. She is not able to walk, but is wheelchair mobile. Emily has been through difficult times with her family. She, along with her two brothers, is currently residing with her maternal grandparents. Her grandparents have been positive influences. With her grandfather’s help, Emily has made great progress in school and is making good grades. The grandmother stays home to care for Emily and her siblings.

Even at her young age of 10, Emily understands and appreciates the support and care that her grandparents provide to her. Her grandmother has been ill, and Emily would Like to do more to help her grandparents. She was recently admitted to TSRHC as an inpatient, so that she can learn independent skills in the area of self-help skills. She strives to assist her grandmother and grandfather by taking on more responsibility of her own care.

In addition to being conscientious and caring, Emily is also active, enthusiastic and adventurous. Through the Hospital, Emily received a new hand cycle over the holidays. She was thrilled with the opportunity to “ride bikes” with family and friends. She has also enrolled in the Hospital’s Learn to Golf program and looks forward to trying a new sport.

Emily deserves to be a Hero of the Month because of her positive attitude and ongoing efforts to become more independent and help her grandparents in return.

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