Emilio – Hero of the Month

Name: Emilio
Age: 14

Hero of the Month Boy

Emilio was taken into Children’s Services after he was removed from his family’s home five years ago. Neither of his parents was capable of taking care of their son; Mom had violated the terms of her case plan and Dad was in prison for drug-related issues.

Upon entering the Emergency Shelter Care Program, he had severe anger management issues and reacted poorly to structure. He had lived in multiple temporary placements and had extensive trust issues, especially with adults.

Since that time, Emilio had thrived in a healthy, stable, structured environment. He now displays qualities of a strong peer leader and attends school daily (7th grade classes) while maintaining excellent grades. In fact, he completed an extracurricular Junior FBI Agents program through his school in which he was mentioned in the local newspaper for his stellar performance.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Emilio has shown considerable improvement in his anger management skills and is now able to express his feelings appropriately, maturely and calmly. He openly acknowledges and is resolving the feelings of sadness associated with being separated from both his parents, and works with a therapist to rebuild those relationships.

He has positive and realistic goals for the future and is a great role model for his peers, and has proved that he is motivated and focused to do whatever it takes to become a successful young man.

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