Devon – Hero of the Month

Name: Devon
Age: 9
State: North Carolina
Facility: Presbyterian Hemby

Hero of the Month Boy

We have chosen Devon as Presbyterian’s Hero of the Month for October. Devon is a 9 year old boy who was admitted September 2nd for right tibial osteomyelitis and septic knee. Devon was playing football when he tackled the Quarterback and their knees hit. He began complaining of knee and leg pain so his parents took him to the doctor. Devon was then referred to the hospital. He was admitted to the pediatric floor on Sunday. A MRI showed a blood dot and osteomyelitis in his right knee and tibia and he began antibiotics. By Monday morning, his respiratory rate had dropped so he was transferred to the intensive care unit. His breathing continued to decline so he was placed on the ventilator. Over the next few weeks, he was taken to surgery to have an I & D (incision and drainage) of his right knee and tibia. After several rounds of antibiotics, 3 more MRIs and much improvement, Devon was extubated He was transferred back to the pediatric floor where he began physical therapy. He has to wear a knee brace for several weeks so his incision and knee can heal.

While in the hospital, Devon likes to play the XBOX 360 with his dad, he enjoys the food and the “nice” people. He does not like getting shots. Devon is looking forward to going home so he can play his playstation 2 with his brother, watch tv, eat some of mom’s yummy chicken casserole and play with his dog Einstein. He is especially looking forward to riding his bike and playing football even though it will be several months before he can.

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