Dennis – Hero of the Month

Name: Dennis
Age: 9
State: Texas
Facility: Texas Scottish Rite

Hero of the Month Boy

Dennis is a 9 year old patient Dennis came to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital fc Children (TSRHC) after complications that resulted from an accident in March 2005. Dennis fell out of a tree and had an open tibia fracture. He was then placed in a cast but continued to have pain and infection.

Most recently Dennis was admitted to TSRHC for a long stay. He has been away from a his family for over a month and has spent his 4th of July as well as most of his summer vacation in the hospital. Dennis has a specialized device on his left leg and has endured a lot of pain and struggle. He spent several weeks in a wheelchair but is now up on his crutches and doing well.

Dennis is a free spirit and is wise beyond his years. He is interactive with the staff, the other children and their families, and is a joy to have at the hospital. He is a perfect example of perseverance and strength for the children around him. Dennis gives the other children hope and keeps them laughing and smiling. Dennis will go home to his family soon but the TSRHC family will miss him when he goes. He has been a gift to us all.

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